All the puppies have gained weight their first week;
they are right about
a pound.
Had dew claws removed at day 3
The two females are wearing purple and pink collar
and the rest are males.  Puppies get a collar from
day one.  It helps us make sure everyone is gaining
weight.  Later on we can keep track of individual
traits and development.
Puppies are born without the senses of hearing or seeing.  
Their ears and eyes are sealed shut for their first 10 days.
They rely on their sense of smell to help them locate momma
and the tit.  
During their first couple of weeks they spend most of their time
eating and sleeping.  They will start doubling in size each week
and it takes a lot of energy to grow.  Oakley has plenty of milk
to keep them satisfied and growing.
Puppies are
handled daily;
getting lots of
human touch
tender loving care!