I am a wildlife biologist for the Forest Service.  I enjoying hunting,
training, competing and breeding my labs.  My first lab was given to
me.  It did not come from a reputable breeder and was severely
dysplastic by the age of 2.  This began my education in the importance
of health clearances and choosing dogs from reputable breeders.
My second lab was the foundation to my kennel.  I enjoy working my
dogs in the field and am extremely fond of upland bird hunting.  It is
a joy to work as a team with a well trained dog.  This is what started
my interest in becoming involved in a hunt club and competing my dogs.
In the past 25 years I have ran
AKC, NAHRA, UKC hunt tests,
AKC field trials and recently
APLA hunt tests.  I have
personally put advanced titles on
several of my dogs.  I enjoy the
art of dog training. Wanting to
become a better handler and
have a better understand of dogs
and training, I began soliciting
the help from professional dog
trainers.  Since that time I have
began training and running my
dogs in Derby and Qaulifying  
stakes at AKC field trials.
Willie JAMs in the Qual' at Mission
Valley  Retreiver Club FT 2009
Hattie, Mercy and Willie pass the Master stakes
at the North Idaho Retriever Club HT 2008
Taz qualified and ran in the 2002 Master
National in Bend, OR